Mosley TA-33 Mouting on Utility Pole


The testing completed- Mosley TA-33 vs Homebrew Hex Beam.   Both antennas work great with low SWR and great performance.  I’ve decided to mouth the Mosley on a telephone pole in my back yard.  I’ve had great signal reports with both, some saying the Hex was louder.  The comparison is  a bit flawed, the Mosley was pointed through the hex beam when working Europe.  And while I was able to measure 4 or 5 watts when metering the hex into a dummy load I also wonder what it was doing to the Mosley’s pattern.

To mount the Mosley on my utility pole I welded some large angle iron to make 9′ and then welded on custom brackets.  This to hold a 20′ length of 2″ galvanized water pipe.   This is schedule 40 and not designed for structural use, schedule 80 would be preferred.  The Mosley has a wind load of about 5 square feet, the Ham IV rotor perhaps another square foot.   The pipe it’s self perhaps another square foot.  There is about 9 feet of unsupported mast with the rotor and antenna on top.  Will it survive the Nor Easters and other New England weather events?  I hope so…   In my mind I imagine a 7  square foot sign on 9 feet of 2″ pipe.  I think of a 2′ x 3.5 foot road sign being held instead of the antenna.  That’s not all that big of a sign and the 2″ steel pipe is pretty strong stuff.   I can only hope-  I don’t want to guy it.

I used six 2 1/4″ muffler clamps to attach the pipe to the angle iron.  There are four space tie points where this attaches to the pole.  The entire rig is heavy-  I’m having a local tree guy hoist it for me.   The final height will be about 30′.  Not all that high but it’s tested good at 30.

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